Seit über 5 Jahren sind die Groove Fellaz in Vorarlberg und dem Dreiländereck unterwegs und bauen sich nun auch in Wien ein zweites Standbein auf. In ihren Sets wird jeder einzelne Track sorgfältig ausgewählt und harmonisch verarbeitet. Ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Richtungen und Einflüssen bleibt ihre Musik nie stecken, sondern entwickelt sich in einem kontinuierlichen Prozess immer weiter. Egal ob Hip Hop, Breaks, Trap, Drum & Bass oder Future Bass, auch heute noch bleibt die Liebe zum Funk in jedem ihrer Sets spürbar. Ihr facettenreicher Stil macht jeden Auftritt zu einem einmaligen Erlebnis, das man sich nicht entgehen lassen sollte. Denn wie heißt es so schön: „Über Musik zu reden ist wie über Architektur zu tanzen.“

Eutopia DJ Contest


Untitled [2017]

100 tracks in 60 minutes. Broad selection of hip hop, trap, techno and house.

FM4 Tribe Vibes Drippin' Guestmix [2017]

We did a 30min Guestmix for austrian radio station FM4. 43 Songs in 30 minutes.

Bass Filez Set [2017]

Audio from a Audio-Visual Set for the Bassfilez project by Funkanomics filmed in Ulm. Check out the Video here

Thugtape [2017]

105 tracks in 60 minutes. New School Hip Hop,Trap, Future Bass, Grime, Baltimore, Jersey Club

Balcony Beats Vol. 1 Live Mini-Mix [2016]

Audio from our 15 minutes live Mini-Mix Video.

Art Meets Science #1 Live-Set [2016]

Live-recording of the artmeetsscience#1 set at a local students party. Includes drunk guests scratches and cue point drumming!

Rooftop Sessions [2016]

This is a small departure from the Groove Fellaz Mixtapes as you know it. A 30 minutes Mixtape, recorded live on top of the roofs of vienna. Chill and fun. Perfect for a relaxed listening session in the summer.

Spielboden Live b2b 4 Deck DJ-Set [2015]

The first time we recorded a live-set. We did a 4-deck show at the Soundterrasse-Weihnachtsfeier at Spielboden. The club was packed and the set was very well received. 2 hours of Groove Fellaz live, enjoy.

(Don't) Call It A Comeback [2015]

Our grand comeback from a creative break and the first big Mixtape since more than two years! It earned over 6000 plays on soundcloud and featured twerk, trap, hip hop and house bangers.

Future Sounds [2015]

A journey into the new world of Future Bass. 60 minutes of trademark Groove Fellaz mixing in an new territory.

Focus Workout Mixtape [2014]

This one is for the gym rats. A 60 minutes workout-Mixtape featuring heavy Trap and House-Bangers. Perfect for a intense training session with good music.

Pump It Out Loud [2013]

Our most successful Mixtape to date. It earned more than 20.000 plays on soundcloud and was generally very well received. It also started our trademark "more than 100 tracks in 60 minutes" for our main-Mixtapes.

Groove Fellaz Funk Sessions Guest Mix [2013]

A radio show we did for Lebrosk's Funk Sessions. 60 Minutes of Groove Fellaz, live on air!

Time Machine Mix [2012]

For our second Mixtape we stepped things up quite a bit. it featured nearly 100 tracks in 60 minutes and received a lot of attention in the scene.

Time For A Break! [2011]

Our first Mixtape under the Groove Fellaz alias. It featured mostly Ghetto Funk and Dubstep-Tracks.

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